Patient of the Month

Aviara Animal Health Center cares deeply about our patients' health and care. Here are some of the stories from our very own clients and their pets. See for yourself why we are considered one of the best, most compassionate veterinary practices in the Carlsbad, CA area.

Every month we choose a patient to highlight as our Patient of the Month and this month sweet Louisa was chosen to share his story.


Patient of the Month

Louisa was my 30th birthday present from my dad. She was 8 weeks old and weighed 7 pounds when I brought her home. She actually was the runt of the litter which could explain her sassiness and determination. I wanted to give her the prettiest name. I had recently watched the PBS mini series Pride and Predujuice and I loved how the parents called each other Mr. & Mrs. Bennet. I decided to call her Louisa Bennett, with two T’s. Although, she has about 100 other names.

Likes: Car rides, Barking for treats, Bottom scratches, Chicken, Playing with children, Sitting in chairs

Dislikes: Windshield wipers, Brooms & vacuums, Baths

I’ve been going to Avaira exclusively for all of her almost 11 years of life. We started with Dr. Bill when the hospital was Aardvark. We’ve been lucky, she has pretty good Bulldog genes. I completely trust Dr. Herman and the crew here. It’s a lot of work to keep her healthy. I always follow directions given and with their help, I have a healthy senior Bullie.

-Louisa's mom