Patient of the Month

Aviara Animal Health Center cares deeply about our patients' health and care. Here are some of the stories from our very own clients and their pets. See for yourself why we are considered one of the best, most compassionate veterinary practices in the Carlsbad, CA area.

Every month we choose a patient to highlight as our Patient of the Month and this month sweet Indy was chosen to share his story.


Indy was rescued through Bischon Fur Kids in Carlsbad from a hoarder in Los Angeles. We met his foster mom in Oceanside after we lost Tiara. He brought life back to our hearts immediately, running with his hair on fire. He was two years old when he walked into our lives. We are getting ready to celebrate his 11th birthday July 4th, thus his name, INDY (Independence Day).

He doesn't know he is not human and is loved by everyone at Dr. Singh's office. When anyone asks if he bites, I tell them he will adopt you. And he does. He never forgets anyone he meets and always greets them with a wagging tail and puppy kiss. Our cup runneth over.

Patient of the Month