What is ePetRecords?

ePetRecords is a free service offered by the Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital. This service provides on-line medical records access for pet owners that are enrolled. All information on the site is secure and only you can see information about your pet.

Pet Owner Benefit:

  • Ability to manage pets’ health schedules, view upcoming appointments, or follow up on healthcare recommendations.
  • 24/7 access to the required medical records needed for boarding, traveling, enrolling in classes, or in an emergency.
  • Reminder email notification for product or medication doses if set up by owner.
  • After hours communication for appointment requests, medication requests, boarding reservations, or general questions.
  • Reminder emails for upcoming services due and scheduled appointments.

Be sure to ask for your pet’s serial number(s) today to take advantage of this on-line feature. Each pet is given their own unique serial number.

Click here to request a serial number. You can also obtain your pets’ serial number by visiting or calling our office at 405-321-3361.